Wildlife Shelter

Wildlife Shelter South-Holland

Did you find an injured animal? Call 015- 215 78 38

For over 40 years our wildlife shelter has looked after birds, hedgehogs and other wild animals. With their heart and soul, our employees, students, and almost 100 volunteers look after needy, injured or sick animals, whenever possible returning them to nature.

We take care of wouded and sick wild animals (birds, hedgehogs, bats, other mammals), care for them and let them out in the wild as soon as possible.

Support our work!
Providing shelter for an animal costs on average €45. In return the animal receives care, attention, medication, food and drink. Help our shelter!

Volunteer work

All our instructions are in Dutch, that’s why we don’t hire volunteers who don’t speak Dutch well.

Contact details

Shelter address:
Linnaeuspad 5
2616 LT Delft

Phone: 015-21 57 838

E-mail: info@wildopvangzh.nl

Opening times
The shelter is open from 9 am to 5 pm. Injured or sick animals can be brought to the shelter during these times. Outside of these hours we are only available by phone for emergencies.

Every animal counts!

With every donation we can continue our work.
Together we can make a difference.
Together for wildlife

Over ons

Sinds 1979 vangt Wildopvang Zuid-Holland jaarlijks ruim 4.000 vogels, egels en andere in het wild levende inheemse dieren op die ziek, gewond of verweesd zijn geraakt. Met hart en ziel werken onze medewerkers, vrijwilligers en stagiairs elke dag van het jaar om deze dieren weer terug te kunnen plaatsen in de natuur. Hierbij worden we slecht voor 15% financieel ondersteund en zijn we verder afhankelijk van subsidies, donaties en giften. 


Adres opvang
Linnaeuspad 5
2616 LT  Delft

Joke Smitstraat 5
2642 AE  Pijnacker

Veilig en vertrouwd

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