Wildlife Shelter Delft and surrounding areas

Did you find an injured animal? Call 015-21 57 838

For over 40 years the Delft wildlife shelter has looked after birds, hedgehogs and other wild animals. With their heart and soul, our employees, students, and over 30 volunteers look after needy, injured or sick animals, whenever possible returning them to nature.

In September 2019 we rang an alarm: Our shelter depends fully on private donations and gifts. While municipalities have a duty to care for wild living animals, they are not required to pay for this care.  Fortunately, discussions are taking place with municipalities, the Province and the national government. Until a duty of payment is introduced, we can only stay open due to the generous gifts of people who support us and our work.


We take care of wouded and sick wild animals (birds, hedgehogs, bats, other mammals), care for them and let them out in the wild as soon as possible.

Support our efforts!

Providing shelter for an animal costs on average €45. In return the animal receives care, attention, medication, food and drink. Help our efforts!

Contact details

Shelter address:

Linnaeuspad 5
2616 LT  Delft

Phone: 015-21 57 838

E-mail: info@wildopvangzuidholland.nl

Opening times

The shelter is open from 8am to 8pm. Injured or sick animals can be brought to the shelter during these times. Outside of these hours we are only available by phone for emergencies.

Animal in distress?

Please call our shelter for advice 015-21 57 838